Snow Canyon State Park

Funding Eligibility and Guidelines: 

To be eligible, a charity must hold a 501c-3 non-profit status.  Roadrunners reserve the right to accept or reject an application and to approve or disapprove any proposal for funding. Grant amounts vary and are dependent on revenues generated through our annual activities. 

The Roadrunners do not provide funding to the following:

  • Organizations who discriminate on the basis of race, color,  gender, national origin, marital status, age, disability, etc.
  • Political, labor, or fraternal organizations 
  • Advocacy or lobbying groups
  • Foundations that also are grant-making entities 
  • Endowments or fellowships
  • Debt reduction campaigns 
  • Multi-year commitments 


  • Submit all proposals on-line to our website 
  • Purpose of request – not to exceed 100 words 
  • Narrative overview of the organization to include history, mission,  goals, needs, and any current programs, activities, accomplishments, target areas, people served, etc. – not to exceed 300 words.
  • Description of the project for which funding is sought – not to exceed 500 words
    • Problem/need
    • Proposed solution
    • Area served- people served
    • Timeframe, measurement of success, the sustainability of plan Supplemental materials:
  • 501c-3 determination letter 
  • IRS form 990 or 990-EZ for last fiscal year.
  • Financials for the two recent fiscal years. (audited, reviewed,  compiled) 
  • The annual operating budget for the current year 
  • Budget for the specific program proposed

Geographic Priorities:

R2 accepts requests from organizations primarily serving the Southern Utah area, specifically Iron & Washington Counties. 

Given the national and international nature of our sponsors and participants, it is our pledge to keep those commitments and support of organizations with a broader geographic scope.  

Such departures from our primary mission require specific board approval and are given only if the project or program benefits the success of the overall mission of the Redrock Roadrunners organization.