Zion National Park

The Roadrunner Story

Inspired by the legacy of the Thunderbird Charities in Phoenix, AZ, a group of business owners initiated “Golf Week” in 2014. Their goal was to create a charitable organization that would raise money from events and activities to help those in Southern Utah and beyond. In 2019 this group created a non-profit called Redrock Roadrunners Charities (R2). The vision of R2 is to help communities unite, thrive and grow. The mission of R2 is to: connect people, ideas, and resources through friendship and fellowship; contribute to a better life for the people in our home communities; and cultivate volunteerism, generosity, and enjoyment.

Roadrunners are a species of fast-running cuckoos with long tails and crests. These birds, found in the deserts of the southwestern United States and Mexico, leaving behind a distinctive “X” track appearing as if they are traveling in two directions. Pueblo tribes of the area believed that roadrunners were medicine birds protecting against evil spirits. The “X” is a sacred symbol said to ward off evil in many Pueblo tribes and is used to decorate cradleboards as spiritual protection for the babies of Mexican and Indian tribes. It is considered “Good Luck” if you ever see a roadrunner. The hope of R2 and its members is to connect ourselves to others while creating stronger communities. Like a real Roadrunner, we will move fast while doing good, bringing good luck to others, and making a difference.

We hope to inspire people to join us… won’t you?