The Redrock Roadrunners (R2) creation story starts right in the name. Roadrunners are a species of fast-running cuckoo birds with long tails and crests. First made famous by the 1948 Warner Brothers cartoon character, the roadrunner is a bird that was displayed as a quick protagonist who always manages to escape a determined, cunning coyote, always staying safe and out of harm’s way. However, the roadrunner’s allure and meaning goes far deeper than the cartoon. 

Found in the deserts of the southwestern United States and Mexico, roadrunners leave a distinctive “X” marking during their travels. Pueblo tribes of the area believed that roadrunners were medicine birds protecting against evil spirits. The “X” symbol that they leave behind is considered a sacred symbol in many Pueblo tribes because it is believed to ward off evil. Used as decorations in many Pueblo, Mexican, and Indian cultures, the “X” symbol marks baby cradles as a sign of protection. It’s considered good luck to see a roadrunner, and so, The Redrock Roadrunners drew from this inspiration in naming the organization.

With the ideals of uniting communities, helping people, and helping to better the livelihood of others, The Redrock Roadrunners is a 501c-3 organization created and designed to benefit lives. Established in 2016, The Redrock Roadrunner’s mission is to: connect people, ideas, and resources through friendship and fellowship; contribute to a better life for the people in our home communities; and cultivate volunteerism, generosity, and enjoyment.

In 2014, a group of business owners, inspired by the legacy of the Thunderbird Charities in Phoenix, AZ, initiated “Golf Week” with the goal to create a charitable organization that would raise money from events and activities to help those in Southern Utah and beyond. Following the success of “Golf Week,” the same group of business owners created Redrock Roadrunners as a non-profit to continue the efforts they have been committed to for years. With passion, determination, and dreams to make life better for everyone, The Redrock Roadrunners was created to work towards a brighter future for communities every day.