The History of Volunteering

In our modern society, volunteering is seen as an altruistic activity that acts as a glue to hold social communities together. People are bound by one thing, humanitarian attitude towards each other. Whether someone is poor or rich, everyone can participate in volunteering activities. Besides, volunteering doesn’t necessarily means that you have to pay out huge sums of cash and loan out heaps of money to different charitable organizations and needy individuals. Rather, every little thing that counts as charity can be put under the wide umbrella of volunteering.

But, where does volunteering erupt from. Although volunteering is one of the basic human behaviors that’ comes as a result of seeing someone in need or distress, it dates back to ancient times. In this post, we will take a look back at the more recent history of volunteering here in the United States.

The History of Volunteering

The use of technology and modern advancements in our society has presented countless opportunities for people to take volunteering to the next level. Whether we’re talking about the nurses, teachers, doctors, and other professionals, everyone including an average citizen can participate in volunteering activities.

During the 12th century, Britain had over 500 hospitals as part of voluntary medical services and healthcare need fulfillments for people in need. But the term “volunteering” wasn’t used until the wars that erupted during the 18th century where young men and adults were being enrolled into the army as part of the volunteering processes. On the flip side, women were also being conveniently brought into under the volunteering umbrella to care for men and wounded soldiers as caretakers and nurses in hospitals, field stations, and centers.

Young men including a small portion of women at the time were drawn towards serving their nations. Hence, the term “army volunteer” emerged. Some of the famous female personalities are famous for their voluntary work during the major wars like the American Civil War. A profound name includes Clara Barton who used to travel with the army to assist and respond to casualties and injuries. 

The Red Cross Nursing System 1863

The very first army nursing station (that was well-established, per se) emerged in 1863 with the help of Red Cross. It was a female nursing system that offered impartial relief and help to people who suffered casualties or heavy damages as a result of the major wars. Later on, the term “volunteering” was heavily used to regard the individuals who opted to assist those in need by making time out their normal schedule, often free of cost. 


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