Ways to Volunteer as a Family

Roadrunners is a 501c-3 corporation that operates under the name Charitable Events Corp. It was founded in 2016. A primary goal of the organization is to distribute funds earned by “Golf Week” and other events and activities in order to achieve the objective of uniting, thriving, and growing communities.

Roadrunners fulfills its vision via our purpose, which is to provide a safe and secure environment.

  1. Through friendship and fellowship, people, ideas, and resources are brought together.
  2. To make a positive difference in the lives of individuals in our own communities
  3. Encourage participation, charity, and satisfaction in the workplace.

To keep things more inclusive, here are some family focused volunteer work activities that can help to bond families stronger than ever. Some of those activities can be:

  • Make a Thanksgiving dinner pack to give. There are usually Thanksgiving food drives. It is a terrific time to teach your kids gratitude for what they have.
  • Grow veggies in your garden and donate them to a hungry person or a food bank.
  • Volunteer in a food pantry or soup kitchen. You might ask for a family task like serving drinks or tidying up.
  • Encourage your kids to visit a local nursing home or assisted living facility and create a “grandfriend.”
  • Routine tasks such as errands and grocery shopping may be performed by volunteers.
  • Repair and give toys, gadgets, etc. a Salvation Army, Goodwill, school or church.
  • Collect children’s books for a hospital.
  • Neighbor or wildlife area trash pick-up Wear gloves, pick up rubbish using tools/reaches, and dispose or recycle it.
  • Volunteer in the library. Bring handwritten cards to the librarian to thank her.
  • Amass warm clothes and personal care products to give to a local homeless shelter.

Learning Lessons through Volunteering for Children

If volunteering is introduced to children at a young age, it may become a natural part of their life – something they may learn to anticipate and even desire to do.

It has the potential to educate them regarding:

  • A feeling of personal accountability:

    Kids and teenagers learn about commitment. They learn to be punctual, do their best, and be proud of their work. But kids also learn that we are all accountable for our communities’ well-being.

  • It is possible for one individual to make a difference:

    Kids and teenagers learn about commitment. They learn to be punctual, do their best, and be proud of their work. But kids also learn that we are all accountable for our communities’ well-being.

  • The advantage of making a sacrifice:

    A beautiful, powerful message for youngsters is that they matter enough to make a difference.

  • Tolerance:

    Volunteering allows adolescents and teenagers to meet individuals from all origins, abilities, races, ages, education, and economic levels. They will discover that shared ideals can connect even the disparate people.

  • Competencies for the job:

    Community service can help young people decide on their future careers. Are they interested in the medical field? Teenage volunteer programs are common in hospitals and clinics.

  • Lots of enjoyment for families:

    Even the youngest can clean up trash in the park, playground, or beach. This does not need a large effort. Gather your family, grab some waste bags, and go.

It does not matter what you do, volunteering and community service will be beneficial to both the community and your family. Participate right now!


Volunteering can be done at all ages and there are plenty of ways you and your family can get involved!

Redrock Roadrunners was a true volunteering activities-inspired idea. The professionals behind the organization aim to achieve higher social welfare for the betterment of the community.

You can participate in different fundraising, charitable, and generous activities with Redrock Roadrunners with a single application/form. Check out the latest social media posts to learn about the ongoing volunteering activities at the company.